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The North Star Food Hub is a regional initiative that serves farmers in Jefferson, Lewis, Oswego, and St. Lawrence counties. The Food Hub works in collaboration with the respective Cornell Cooperative Extension Associations and New York State Agriculture and Markets to help local producers expand their production and become more competitive in the marketplace. It provides a platform for local producers to sell wholesale local foods to area restaurants, grocery stores, food retailers, corner stores, schools, hospitals, and other institutions. It also operates a direct-to-consumer website delivering fresh ingredients to delivery locations within Jefferson and Lewis County. 

The North Star Food Hub's Steering Committee provides guidance and recommendations on development, implementation, and operational aspects of the Food Hub. The project is currently funded through a NYS grant, administered by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County.

Black River Valley Natural Foods, based out of Lyons Falls in Lewis County provides the staffing and assists local producers in the four-county region to expand existing markets and find new markets for produce, meat, and value-added products (like maple, cheese, jams and condiments) .


For questions regarding product sourcing, transportation, or other general inquiries, please contact:

Office Phone: 315-741-5872
Mobile: 802-578-3999
Find us:4012 Center St., PO Box 407, Lyons Falls, NY 13368


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Our Collaborators

Cornell Cooperative Extension provides technical assistance and education to producers and many local food activities, such as the North Star Food Hub.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County administers public funding for North Star Food Hub and offers agriculture-based education programs and technical assistance for local growers. Topics range from obtaining GAP’s certification, accessing the NYS Grown and Certified program, navigating the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Produce Safety Alliance – Grower Training Workshops, applying to accept EBT as a producer,and marketing local foods. For a list of upcoming agriculture programs being offered, please click here.

For more information, visit: http://ccejefferson.org/local-foods

Or, contact Cathy Moore, CCE Jefferson Agriculture Program Leader, at 315-788-8450 or by email at cmm17@cornell.edu. For questions regarding GAP’s certification, accessing the NYS Grown and Certified program, navigating the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and grower workshops/training, please contact Michael Nuckols, Local Foods and Commercial Horticulture Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County, at  at 315-788-8450 or msn62@cornell.edu.

For those perhaps unfamiliar with the organization, the Commissaries are stores, similar to supermarkets, that are operated by the United States Defense Commissary Agency. Their main focus is to provide military service members and their families with familiar food products wherever they are stationed, both abroad and at home. Beginning in the spring of 2017, North Star Food Hub began supplying the Fort Drum Commissary with local produce and value-added foods.


Funding for North Star Food Hub is supported by the New York State Senate, granted by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, and administered by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County.



Phone: 315-741-5872

Mobile: 802-578-3999

4012 Center St. PO Box 407 Lyons Falls, NY 13368

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