Is your menu getting tired? Do your customers want something new?

Are you an area restaurant, commercial kitchen or retail shop ?  Impress your customers with unique farm-to-table ingredients. Help your bottom line with great deals from local farmers. Help your community by buying local.

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Do you want to know what other ingredients we have to offer? 

Simply choose "wholesale" when you register for an expanded list of products, sizes, and most importantly, wholesale pricing.


We deliver to LOCAL wholesale buyers - 

for free - with no minimum orders! 

We travel throughout the North Country, Syracuse and Utica.  Place your order sometime between 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday and Sunday at midnight.  On Monday and Tuesdays, we gather products from our local farmers and producers for delivery on Wednesday and Thursdays. Be sure to select wholesale when you register for an expanded list of products, sizes, and delivery routes. Upon registration, simply select the delivery day for the location in which your business resides. 



We strongly believe in and support local farm-to-school efforts. If you have an upcoming bid for lunch items, please let us know.  We can provide all documentation required to meet New York State requirements for the 30% reimbursement program. Furthermore, our prices can often match or beat national suppliers. We can also adjust our delivery schedule to meet your school's needs.



Many of our producers will supply their products in retail-sized packaging, delivered by the case at exceptional values.  Most suppliers will offer bulk discounts. If you need certain packaging sizes (big or small), a UPC sticker or product code, or even custom flavors, let us know. 

looking for something special?

Don't see what you need?  Need even larger quantities than those offered on the online marketplace?  Are you looking for GAP certification or other documentation? We work directly with local growers, many of whom are willing to grow items on contract. If it's 1,000 pounds of broccolini, a special kind of cheese, or 5-ounces of fresh bay leaf, we can connect you with local growers and producers who will deliver exactly what you need.

If you are looking for special or custom items, please contact Bethany Munn at, 315-741-5872 or mobile 802-578-3999. 


Has your restaurant featured NortH country products on ITS menu?

If so, send us photos and we'll give you a shout out on social media. Our farmers love to see how the fruits of their labor are being enjoyed!



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